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Our Mission

Baseball Mentoring Program (BMP) shares the latest philosophy in baseball/softball lessons and instructions. Our goal is to teach our Trainees (ages from tball thru adult) using the latest techniques in pitching, hitting, and fielding. Our Program also provides its members with the mental make-up and preparation to have success on and off the field. BMP has the utmost respect and professionalism towards the game and expects the same from its members. At BMP "it's more than just a game" and we know what it takes to make it from Little League to the Big Leagues!


Highly Qualified Baseball Mentors

Headed by current Pacific Rim Coordinator/Special Assignment Scout for Miami Marlins, former San Francisco Giant's Outfielder and Team USA Silver medalist Jalal Leach, and Staff.  BMP's staff knows exactly what it takes to perform a high level on the Ball Field. Also at BMP we pride ourselves on "Player development" which is our main priority.


15+yrs of training experience, we have assisted 7 players in reaching their goal of playing in the Major Leagues, 12 professional players, 130+ young women/men student/athletes have played on the collegiate level.

BMP Anthem

"Ballplayers are not born great. They're not born great hitters or pitchers or managers, and luck isn't the big factor. No one has come up with a substitute for hard work. I've never met a great player who didn't have to work harder at learning to play ball than anything else he ever did."

-- Ted Williams

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